From a single independent store to a multi-brand mainstay with six stores, Diffusion supercharge retail operation with modern retail technology.
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Diffusion A Designer Clothes Retailer

Diffusion have continually evolved and grown

Diffusion have continually evolved and grown their business since their first store opened in 1989, and now balance exciting in-store blends of latest designer collections with an expertly curated online store.

Diffusion's retail requirements and challenges

Fashion retailers require accurate sell-through and performance reporting

The management of stock between their six West Midlands stores and fulfilment of online orders were the main requirements for Diffusion. Processing products through the EPOS system from purchase order to delivery, labelling up and transfer to stores had to be as streamlined as possible. In addition analysis by brand, category, product and even size profiles was important to provide buyers with accurate sell-through and performance reporting.

Diffusion's retail software solution

Configured for fashion products and analysis

The ability of TRIMS to be configured for fashion products and analysis provided Diffusion with a system that required minimal customisation. The popular integration between Touchretail and Visualsoft is another advantage as Diffusion were in the process of a new website development with VS.

Importing product and forward order data from Excel buying sheets to TRIMS inventory immediately doubled the efficiency of purchase order processing from their legacy system.

And the implementation of Pickstation for controlling online order fulfilment is now a crucial part of Diffusion’s multi-channel operation.

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