Alex Scott Kiltmaker

A real gem of the Highlands

Several retailers claim to be authentic Scottish goods retailers, but Alex Scott Kiltmaker is a real gem of the Highlands. Having been in business as a family-owned and operated retailer and Kiltmaker since 1925, Alex Scott know a thing or two about Highland Wear and genuine Scottish gifts and souvenirs. There is a stunning selection of Clans and Tartans, and the quality of their kilts is a joy to behold.

Although most kilts are now made off-site, the top floor Kilt department still tailor, press and prepare kilts and kilt jackets for sale or hire. Kilt hire is a substantial business for Alex Scott, and their knowledge of Highland Wear is an asset for those wishing to know a bit more about their Scottish ancestry.

Alex Scott continue to progress their business and even design and commission production of new modern tartans.

  • Client: Alex Scott Kiltmaker
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Stocks: Highland Wear, Scottish Gifts and Souvenirs
  • Services: Retail Stores and Ecommerce
  • Installed: September 2015
  • Website:
  • Legacy System: Elite

Requirement and Challenges

Alex Scott had used the legacy ‘Elite’ stock and EPOS system for over 20 years, which was linked to their website. In 2015 the decision was taken to move to a new web developer and Visualsoft were selected as the new provider.

This also provided the opportunity to review their stock management software – something that had been delayed for as long as possible due to the possible business interruption of changing systems and staff re-training.

Alex Scott Kiltmaker

Touchretail’s Solution

TRIMS was selected as the perfect new inventory platform, based on the flexibility of the software and Touchretail’s proven track record in management of data migration. Touchretail’s strong client-base of other Visualsoft customers was also important. This gave the management at Alex Scott the confidence that they could progress to a next generation fully-integrated system with little or no business downtime.

More years than I care to remember here at Alex Scott's we installed the Elite stock control system and EPOS from a company then named MRS. Since those early days with them we have found this company, now Touchretail, to be both reliable and trustworthy. Based on our relationship with Touchretail over the many years, we felt very comfortable with their reliability. Touchretail have now installed their latest software TRIMS, which coincides with the launch of our new website, Touchretail's assistance along with our new website provider Visualsoft, has enabled us to both improve our stock system and incorporate the latest inventory and ecommerce developments.

Chris McLeod Chris McLeod
Owner, Kiltmakers
Wm Wheat
Goat Fashion
Welsh Rugby Union - WRU
Stoke City FC

Leave your legacy system behind and join the growing number of successful retailers benefitting from modern technology, processes and the flexibility that can only be found in TRIMS by Touchretail.

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