Magento EPOS

Magento EPOS

An omnichannel retail platform built for Magento M1 and M2

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Magento + TRIMS

The ultimate Magento extension

Built for Magento M1 and M2, the TRIMS Magento Connector brings together two powerful retail platforms, TRIMS and Magento, resulting in a complete multichannel commerce solution for progressive retailers - the ultimate Magento extension.

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Magento POS

Magento POS Integration

Touchretail’s tried and tested EPOS solution integrates seamlessly with the Magento eCommerce platform. You choose which of your retail locations make up your available online stock and when EPOS sales are processed in-store, the available Magento stock quantity is adjusted instantly. Sales on Magento also alert the store EPOS so the items can be removed from the shop floor, minimising the chance of double selling items.

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Magento Stock Control

Magento Inventory Management

Products created within TRIMS, manually or through importing, are automatically created within Magento. Any attributes mapped in the TRIMS Magento connector are updated when changes are detected within TRIMS. Stock levels also synchronise when changed. It is not just a huge time saver, the importance of stock accuracy when running a multichannel business is paramount. Minimise overselling, maximise orders and keep customers happy by integrating TRIMS with Magento.

Magento Ecommerce

Magento Ecommerce Software

Your store works in harmony with your website. Online purchases are automatically allocated a fulfilment location based on rules that you can configure. The location is then alerted so staff at the store can quickly remove the items from the shop floor to avoid double selling. The items are scanned when removed validating sizes and colours. The entire process is based around customer satisfaction ensuring the customer receives exactly what they purchased.

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