Not for the Ordinary

It would be difficult to find many companies that have so intrinsically woven the aspirational nature of both its products and customers in their Company name (stroke) mission statement. That’s what John Wood has done with his Not for the Ordinary (NFTO) brand. Founded to always strive for the best – everything at NFTO echoes its Yorkshire founder’s no nonsense approach.

From true Expedition-level outdoor clothing (be it Alpine, Munro or Tropical) to world class cycles, equipment and clothing, NFTO’s retail products are second to none in terms of quality. With a unique combination of next-gen design and premium materials their outdoor kit is designed to take you to places and you’ll be grinning when you get there. Because NFTO wouldn’t want to do it without having fun on the way.

With sport teams and athletes covering a multitude of disciplines; Skydiving, Ironman, Rally Cars and Paragliding you need to look no further than their highly successful cycling team to find an embodiment of their “nothing but the best” ethos: the attack-minded cycle team has fought its way to the forefront of UK cycling and become one of the most feared UCI Continental teams through a series of impressive victories in such prestigious races as the Tour of Britain, the Rutland CiCLE Classic, the Tour Series, An Post Ras and the Australian and Irish National Championships.

Keep an eye on them, their next few years could be very interesting indeed.

  • Client: NFTO
  • Location: Hereford
  • Stocks: High quality performance outdoor clothing and cycling equipment
  • Services: eCommerce & Bricks and Mortar
  • Project: 2015 - 2016
  • Legacy System: Epos Now

Requirement and Challenges

With a previous legacy system proving unsuitable, Touchretail were approached to marry NFTO’s growing requirements for a modern, efficient retail operation and stock control solution that would allow customers to benefit not only from a range of highest quality cycling equipment and clothing but also to integrate seamlessly with their new Magento e-commerce platform.

In addition, the growth of the Hereford shop with an expansion into a dedicated workshop, the retail store needed a simple, yet highly capable EPOS system to handle often busy periods and the extensive range of goods on offer.


Touchretail’s Solution

Supplying premium (Aures Sango) till points with the addition of customer facing digital signage gave NFTO the ability to optimise their CRM through entertainment, loyalty campaigns, promotions and advertising campaigns.

Whilst one of the challenges for the modern multi-channel retailer is undoubtedly getting their web platform to work effectively with any inventory management and EPOS, it’s unquestionably easier when this is aided by both a proven (and in this case, dedicated Magento) e-commerce ‘connector’ and a knowledgeable and skilled web team.

Everyone likes to be part of a successful team and at Touchretail we certainly feel privileged to be able to join NFTO on their ride.

Being able to bring a stable, yet advanced multi-channel platform to a customer goes a long way in meeting brand expectations. It can be a daunting prospect switching suppliers but here at Touchretail, we’ve extensive experience in both managing the transformation smoothly and re-establishing the retailer’s confidence in omni-channel operations.

Dave Joyce Dave Joyce
Area Sales Manager - Touchretail
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Leave your legacy system behind and join the growing number of successful retailers benefitting from modern technology, processes and the flexibility that can only be found in TRIMS by Touchretail.

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