TRIMS WMS Planning warehouse picking routes
Planning warehouse picking routes

Planning warehouse picking routes

Warehouse picking strategies for SME retailers

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Planning warehouse picking routes

The way to streamline warehousing is to try and position your most picked items as close to the dispatch zone as possible, and to make sure your WMS system knows where everything is and the optimum route a warehouse operator would take in order to locate items quickly without doubling back on themselves.

Picking route strategies

There are different ways to map your picking runs and this will depend on the size of your business. Up and Down and Zig Zag are two popular methods.

Up and Down Warehouse Picking Strategy

Warehouse operatives are routed up the aisle and then back down the same aisle on the opposite side. This is probably the most common pick route for small retail businesses. If you have a lot of warehouse operators then it is highly likely that your operators will meet which can cause distraction and slow down the picking process, although this is only usually an issue in extremely large organisations with many warehouse picking operatives. If this is potentially an issue for you, you can use the Zig Zag picking method.

Zig Zag Warehouse Picking Strategy

By mapping your warehouse pick route using the Zig Zag picking method, picking operators zigzag up a warehouse aisle in one direction only, this avoids the issue where operatives meet during their picking runs.

Mapping a warehouse Pick Route

Multiple picking routes can be created within the TRIMS WMS system allowing you to deploy different strategies based around the number of operatives you have picking, the locations they are starting from and their final destination.

You can either import your route or manually enter in the route sequentially using the TRIMS WMS interface.

Planning Warehouse Picking Routes

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Plan an optimised warehouse picking strategy using the TRIMS WMS System.

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