Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

Transform Shopify into a complete retail management solution

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Shopify eCommerce integration

Serve and fulfil multichannel orders with Shopify and TRIMS

With over 325,000 people choosing Shopify it is an obvious consideration for retailers wanting to sell online. Any retailer trading both online and through bricks and mortar stores needs the correct infrastructure in place to successfully serve and fulfil multichannel orders. Using Shopify alone, this is hard to achieve. It is now easy to enhance Shopify, transforming it into a complete retail management solution. Shopify integration makes it easy to successfully manage retail stores, eCommerce and warehouses - all connected in real-time.

Make Shopify do more

Manage inventory and handle order fulfilment professionally

Shopify is a superb eCommerce platform making eCommerce simple. It is an affordable, low-risk eCommerce solution and it is quick to launch. However, simplicity comes at a cost, and the cost is the ability for it to manage all other aspects involved in retailing, especially when trading online and in-store. Integrate TRIMS and you get the best of both worlds. Simple eCommerce integrated into your retail stores and back office. Access important real-time sell-through and performance information to aid with buying, manage your inventory and handle order fulfilment professionally.

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Automate Shopify with Shopify Integration

TRIMS products feed through and sync with Shopify

Products are already being created in TRIMS either manually or by importing from suppliers, so why enter all that information again? By mapping attributes between TRIMS and Shopify, products feed through to your Shopify backend ready for publishing as soon as they are created in TRIMS. Stock, pricing and other modifications are monitored and updated in real-time when changes are detected. Automation saves time and ensures accurate stock control - a must for multichannel retailers.

Multichannel Shopify Integration

Connected channels are updated with any stock changes

When a sale happens in one of your many sales channels it is highly important that the other channels know about this stock change quickly and efficiently in order to prevent the dreaded oversell. The Shopify Connector is constantly checking for new sales or order amendments in your Shopify site in order to communicate these directly to your TRIMS system to ensure accurate sales reporting and stock management.

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