Sugar & Spice

Quality UK and international brands of lingerie, swimwear and activewear
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About Sugar and Spice

Quality UK and international brands

With their offer of good quality lingerie from leading brands and sensible pricing, Sugar and Spice have built a strong following both with local residents on the Isle of Wight, and with many customers from far afield who have discovered Sugar and Spice while visiting or on holiday on the Isle.

All members of the team at Sugar and Spice are fully qualified in bra fitting. Owner Sheila Wilson decided to extend the business to online trading in response to demand from customers.

Sugar and Spice's Challenge

2 busy stores and a growing online business

Having researched several potential EPOS companies, Sheila found that the complexity of inventory and the number of SKUs per product was often highlighted as a challenge. With 2 busy stores and a growing online business, manual systems were insufficient to manage the inventory quickly and efficiently with instore sales and online orders.

The ability of the EPOS company to manage the business process of implementing the EPOS system was also important to Sheila.

The Solution For Sugar and Spice

TRIMS Product / Colour / Size Matrix

The flexibility of TRIMS product/colour/size matrix means that as well as handling the multiple product variants, it’s also easy to view, find and analyse any product or range of products.

Touchretail created a simple import template to enable Sheila to quickly populate TRIMS product data from existing Excel spreadsheets, which allowed Sheila to become familiar with the system before the Aures EPOS tills were installed.

The phased installation enabled a planned business process to be followed, the final stage of which is the integration of the ecommerce website.

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