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About the TRIMS API

What is an API, and how can I use the TRIMS API?

An API is a set of functions and procedures that allow other applications to access the features or data exposed through the hosts API. Using the TRIMS API, 3rd party systems can talk to TRIMS directly and make requests, such as for a list of new products, or products where the stock level has changed. The TRIMS API is primarily used by web developers for integrating TRIMS with their clients' websites, however, amongst the many other integration uses are Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Analytic Dashboards and Accounting Software.

Integrate your website

Enhance your website by integrating with TRIMS

Ecommerce platforms specialise in selling your product online and through marketplaces, that is their job, what they are designed to do. Ecommerce platforms lack the features and functionality to manage the stock within a business. Being able to successfully fulfil orders is a result of accurate stock levels, and accurate stock levels are a result of efficient stock management. Businesses need more control of their stock, from managing purchasing, multiple stock locations, stock movements, replenishments and reporting, especially when trading online and through retail stores. Integrating TRIMS with your eCommerce platform takes you from a sales platform to a complete retail management system.

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Integrate your Retail Store

Real-time integration between your retail stores, websites and marketplaces

Retailers are benefitting from accurate stock availability across all retail channels by integrating TRIMS. For growing businesses it is important to have the correct infrastructure in place to be able to support growth. When a website is marketed correctly using SEO, PPC and the many other ways to grow online, orders increase and without the correct infrastructure in place, failure to fulfil website orders becomes a huge risk.

A website sale is a promise between you and the customer, that the customer will receive, on time, what they ordered. If you are unable to fulfil the order, you break that promise which over time can destroy your brand's reputation. Integrating with the TRIMS platform provides the real-time infrastructure required for successful order fulfilment. Items sold in the stores reduce the available online stock instantly, and stores are notified of online orders as they happen so they can be removed from stock, therefore unavailable for overselling.

Omnichannel Integration

Provide the same customer journey across sales channels

Using TRIMS as the master retail system in the business, all 3rd party platforms can access a central repository of product and customer information. Sales made through any connected channel end up in TRIMS, and any connected system can then access that information. Information about customers such as their profile, purchase history, available loyalty points and account information are available across all connected channels. Product information such as inventory, location, pricing and promotions are available across all connected channels. The availability of this data makes omnichannel possible for any retailer using TRIMS.

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