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What is a product inventory system?

A product inventory system keeps track of products, their location and the quantity available. Use an inventory management solution for stock control, ordering, sales analysis, managing pricing and printing barcode labels.

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TRIMS Retail Management

A Retail System with flexibility

A dynamic stock control solution for modern retailing

Have you ever struggled with your inventory, wished you had set it up differently, got your hierarchy order wrong or you simply need to hold more data to map with online marketplaces? TRIMS Back Office addresses all of these and many other scenarios with its totally flexible nature. Leave the constraints of your old system behind and take back control of your inventory.

Stock Control for growing businesses

Central inventory management from within one system

Use TRIMS Back Office to power your inventory across your entire retail estate. Connect online channels, warehouses and retail stores together for central management from within one system. Manage Purchasing, Inventory, Order Fulfilment, Stock Movements, Promotions, Data Analysis, Reporting and Customer Management from one central hub.

Purchasing provides an overall view of spend, what is about to drop and late deliveries. New products are pushed through to any connected channels such as a website, and sync with any stock availability changes. Deliveries are booked in and transferred to stores. Product and transaction data can be analysed on the fly. Stock replenishment and re-ordering can be automated with Minimum and Maximum levels.

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Reporting & Retail Analysis

Analyse sell-through, best sellers and retail trends

TRIMS Back Office includes a powerful HTML5 reporting and analysis tool named Vision. Access Vision from TRIMS itself, from your web browser or from your smartphone. Vision consists of report templates that you use to build your own customised reports that can be saved, scheduled and automated for delivery straight into your inbox.

TRIMS Back Office comes complete with many other tools for reporting and automation such as minimum and maximum stock levels, replenishment and re-ordering.

Mobile Stock Control

Manage your business significantly more efficiently

Access key information without going anywhere near a computer. Simply scan a barcode to find out what stock is on the shop floor, what is onsite and what is currently in the warehouse. Receive deliveries, transfer items and assign manufacturers GTIN / EAN barcodes (for Amazon) whilst stood in front of the product. Not only does TRIMSm enable more real-time control but also speeds up day-to-day management of processes like stock control and purchasing. TRIMSm helps you manage your business significantly more efficiently leading to savings in cost and time, which will positively impact the bottom line.

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