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What is customer management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Customer Relationship Management CRM

Reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behaviour

Aggregate customer data from each sales channel into one central view. Analyse, filter, segment and act upon the results. When analysing company-wide customer data from one central system, the marketing potential is huge, and the possibilities are endless, but tracking customers is only possible if you can identify them at the point of transaction. Use TRIMS CRM to achieve this by first identifying your customer, then over time capture behaviour, building a profile. Finally, acting upon the data to further develop relationships, you can increase visits and spend-per-transaction.

Refine your data capture strategy

A good data capture strategy will deliver high quality results

In an age where spam is rife, and corporate data breaches are commonplace, it is easy to think that the hardest task you have to overcome is getting your customers to part with the personal information you require in order to capture behaviour. Fear not, providing you are offering something substantial in return, it is much easier than you think. We are human after all, we love a discount, reward or incentive and we like to be appreciated. Devise a winning data capture strategy with TRIMS CRM, where a multitude of incentives are at your disposal to entice your customer to part with their details.

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Planning Customer Incentives

Loyalty points, rewards, customer levels and lets not forget omnichannel

The clear winner is loyalty points. It is really simple to set up a points loyalty scheme using TRIMS CRM. Use a blanket points rate or set different points rates on different products and departments. Set up multiple points days on specific products, brands or departments and target customers to drive sales.

Customer levels allows you to set automatic discounts. Configure a scheme to move customers up and down levels based on a period spend. Target customers throughout the period encouraging them to spend more in order to hit their target and move up a level.

Deliver an omnichannel customer experience by offering the same scheme in your retail stores and on your website.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience

Deliver an omnichannel customer experience in your stores and online

For many independent retailers, identifying and analysing customers as they traverse across business touchpoints (a point of contact or interaction with your customer), has simply been inaccessible due to costs and logistics. No longer just for big brand retailers, TRIMS CRM has made this affordable for independent retailers and is helping them deliver the same omnichannel customer experiences.

TRIMS CRM becomes the master customer data store for analysis, filtering, segmentation and marketing. For web developers and 3rd party systems, a secure API is available for integration.

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