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Modernisation of the Department Store

The TRIMS Department Store solution from Touchretail provides everything you need to successfully run a modern department store business. The core of any department store system is the management and accounting software. Touchretail’s Retail Accounts is the most popular system for independent department stores in the UK, and has many department store specific features.

Fully integrated TRIMS inventory, EPOS and CRM enable department stores to provide real-time top-level reporting for management, or more detailed analysis on products and customers for the merchandising and marketing functions. Also the TRIMS eCommerce connector enables cost-effective and reliable multi-channel sales and inventory management.

A tailored solution for your Department Store

Category Control or Unit Control? TRIMS does not have to be one or the other. Most stores use Category Control for the top-line analysis, but use Unit Control in specific areas such as linens, cookshop and lingerie/hosiery to facilitate reordering. And TRIMS-POS has special features for the coffee shop or restaurant such as table ID, table orders and kitchen printing. So whatever your department store size and profile, you can tailor the TRIMS system modules to match your requirements.

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Intuitive EPOS and customer engagement technology

Intuitive EPOS terminals help strengthen the department store’s relationship with its customers. TRIMS included CRM module provides the department store with the data required to incentivise and reward customers to increase spend and repeat visits. For department stores wishing to achieve the absolute highest level of engagement, CRM data can be connected to third-party marketing systems that provide the very best in customer relationship management.

Forecasting features and the TRIMS Mobile App

Not only does Touchretail provide current and historical data, but the Forecasting Module enables Department Stores to plan buying, deliveries, sales and markdowns. Replace your legacy Excel or Trademaster by using TRIMS Forecasting which is fully integrated to EPOS and Store Accounting for easy management of realised and planned figures, and re-forecasting.

The TRIMSm Mobile App is packed with features helping you streamline department store processes. TRIMSm includes the hugely popular Store Takings function for flash reading store EPOS terminals for real-time sales, tender and KPI data.

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