Managing an Equine Business using TRIMS by Touchretail A british retail solution for equestrian centres

TRIMS is a modern end-to-end retail platform for managing the retailing aspects of Equestrian Centres and Horse Tack Shops. Including purchasing, stock control and centralised inventory for multichannel selling, point of sale and CRM/Loyalty.

Use TRIMS Equestrian to Offer a mixture of equine services and products

Every Equestrian Centre provides a mixture of Services and Products, with some specialising in breeding, horse sales, horse-care training, boarding and livery. Most commonly the Services are based around riding lessons, whether these are for groups, individuals, or preparation for events and competitions.

While all of these Services are ‘sold’ to the customer, many Equestrian Centres are increasing revenue by sales of products. The on-site shop can become a destination in itself, offering much more than just a few crops, hats and jodhpurs for the customers. Equestrian Centres are extending their sales to the general public through their eCommerce websites. TRIMS Equestrian focuses predominantly on the retailing of equine products using multichannel technologies, and also the selling of lessons and events. If you provide food and drink, TRIMS can also be used to manage this.

In a nutshell, TRIMS will manage all aspects of equine retail allowing you to analyse all channels through one simple retail tool.

Use TRIMS Equestrian to integrate with your equine website

Although referral is a very effective method of acquiring new customers, the website is the Equestrian Centre’s primary sales tool to the outside world. Booking lessons is still preferable by telephone, when individual abilities and preferences can be discussed, but the website has to generate the interest and confidence for the enquiry in the first place. The multichannel aspect of TRIMS helps Equestrian Centres develop a healthy online presence which includes sales of brands and products specific to horse and rider.

Selling online has many benefits to the equine retailer. However, if the infrastructure is not in place to manage this, it can actually be detrimental to the overall success of the equine business. If you plan on selling the same stock online that is stocked in the Tack Shop, it is possible to oversell the same items which can damage your brand. With TRIMS this can be avoided. TRIMS puts the correct infrastructure in place for multichannel success, and in-turn accelerates business growth.

Equestrian Centre Web Integration
  • Auto creates products
  • Synchronises available stock
  • Automatically updates sales
  • Real-time communications
  • Tried and tested interfaces
  • Maximises stock availability
  • Reduces overselling and stock-outs
  • Improves your customer service
  • Dedicated Magento Connector
  • Dedicated Visualsoft API

Use TRIMS Equestrian to manage the café

The café is often the hub of the Equestrian Centre. Somewhere for staff to chill out and for customers to grab a cuppa and cake while waiting for their friends or family to finish their lesson. Of necessity the café is usually furnished in the working environment and can be a great source of revenue for the Centre. TRIMS POS has many café-specific features, as well as being able to handle payments for all the other services and products provided by the Centre – all of which are analysed and reported by TRIMS back office.

Use TRIMS Equestrian to sell and report on Events

Most busy Equestrian Centres will have a host of events, especially those geared up for school holiday periods. These may include: introductory ‘taster’ events for younger children; get-back-in-the-saddle sessions for returning riders; family events, sporting events such as Polocrosse (a combination of polo and lacrosse); organised hacks and even dressage or jumping competitions. All of these help to retain the customers’ interest and give the impression that there is always something going on (which of course there is).

Use TRIMS Back Office for Equine Stock Allocation and Distribution across retail channels

On receipt of delivery, the stock is quickly booked in and distributed throughout your sales channels. The allocation of stock can be a manual process or automated using location grading and priority plans. Available eCommerce stock can be configured to include any of your channels stock holding.

TRIMS provides the latest EPOS technology for your Equestrian Centre

The successful Equestrian Centres are constantly investing in new or upgraded facilities. Everything from a top quality indoor riding facility, keeping the yard, stables and working conditions (and of course horses) in top condition for visitors and staff alike. Affiliation with bodies such as The Pony Club, British Horse Society and the Association of British Riding Schools helps to give confidence to customers that it’s a professional and well operated Centre. Leading Centres have invested in a Horse Riding Simulator, and of course latest EPOS technology - TRIMS CRM provides all the information about which customers spend most on which products and services, to help Equestrian Centres manage customer mailshots and promotions.

Equine EPOS Sales using TRIMS Equestrian POS software

Sales through TRIMS POS are transmitted to TRIMS Back Office instantly triggering events that update the stock availability across all connected channels. All centres now reflect the changes for accurate stock enquiry, and connected equestrian websites state accurate stock availability.

Equine Website Sales via dedicated connectors or TRIMS API

Sales processed through an integrated equine website using either a dedicated TRIMS Connector, or using the TRIMS API, are instantly updated in TRIMS Back Office. Events are triggered to update all other channels including websites and equestrian centres. When eCommerce stock is shared across multiple channels, manual and auto fulfilment processes will instruct the relevant channels to remove items to avoid double selling to other customers.

Collect In Store allows payment online for store collection

Website orders that have been tagged for Collect In Store instruct the store to reserve the items ready to be collected by the customer. An additional layer of security can be added whereby the items are reserved but unauthorised, and therefore unavailable for collection until various checks have been completed avoiding the collection of fraudulent eCommerce transactions.

Equine Stock Replenishment for maximising sale channel availability

Topping up stock levels across sales channels maximises stock availability throughout your equine estate. TRIMS Back Office provides a number of replenishment facilities including the ‘1 for 1’ model through to a sophisticated ‘Min Max’ automation model based on Brand and Store gradings.

TRIMS Case studies Equestrian User Stories

Read why more and more UK Equestrian Centres are choosing TRIMS as their preferred equine retail platform for growth.

Their customer service is excellent and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. I am very pleased with the great relationship that we have built with Touchretail and appreciate their continued support.

Sharon Groos Sharon Groos
Owner at Carrington Riding Centre

Invest in a modern Equestrian Centre solution Grow your equine business

Accurate stock management and the infrastructure to empower multichannel are two key factors in equestrian centre growth. Build your brand and raise your customer service levels through successful fulfilment of web orders time after time.

An end-to-end equine system Modernise your equestrian business

TRIMS is a modern retail system designed and developed by a team with a passion for the equine industry. With a top class UK based support service, Touchretail can provide the ideal commerce platform for your equestrian business.


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