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TRIMS handles many retail scenarios, here we show the workflow of a small multi-site fashion independent, who operates from a warehouse, and lists all available company stock online (not just what’s in the warehouse).

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It all starts with inventory and Purchasing

TRIMS Inventory

Products are easily created by hand or by importing. Purchasing provides an overall view of spend, what's about to drop and late deliveries. Products are carried through to the website tee'ing them up for selling the very second the stock lands in the warehouse.

TRIMS goods receive

Deliveries arrive, it's time to Receive Goods

Booked in deliveries are instantly available for selling online. Labels are printed and attached ready for the stock to be transferred to the stores. Stock costs are updated to report accurate profit margins and valuation of inventory.

TRIMS Stock Allocation

Stock is distributed through Allocation

Whether it’s a new season drop or a store replenishment, scanning the items through the TRIMSm mobile app ensures the correct items are being transferred to the correct stores. Keeping accurate stock in this way maximises fulfilment - raising your customer service level.


Deliveries arrive ready for Selling in-store

Deliveries are received at the store and sold through a range of stylish EPOS hardware. We design, sell, install, support and continuously enhance our feature packed EPOS software.


Deliver a true omnichannel experience when Selling on-line

Real-time stock availability, company wide promotions, in-store and online loyalty points, gift cards and a central purchase history give the independent retailer the omnichannel toolset required to compete with the larger multiple retailer.

TRIMS Omnichannel

Pick and pack Website Orders

Orders from all connected sales channels end up in TRIMS where a fulfilment process generates pick requests for the most suitable items. Stores are notified instantly if they need to fulfil an order from stock on their shelves, items are scanned, validated and no longer available for over-sell.

TRIMS Pick and Pack

Collect, analyse and incentivise with Captured Customer Data


Data is captured at all touch points within the company. Analyse customer behavior, spend, and their entire journey throughout the business. From this data, reward and incentivise through points based loyalty schemes, promotions and direct marketing.


Workflow complete now Analyse & Repeat

Analyse sell through, sales channels, best sellers, profit margin, spot trends, what did and didn’t work. Process all this captured data and use it to work smarter, save time, reduce costs and grow your business.

All of this in one affordable package from Touchretail, want more information?

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