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The TRIMSm Mobile App helps you manage your retail business significantly more efficiently - available on iOS and Android

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Available on iOS & Android A Mobile App for Retailers

TRIMSm is an innovative mobile app available for Android and iOS devices

Introducing TRIMSm, an innovative mobile app for helping retailers. Its feature set speeds up general stock management tasks eradicating the need for return trips between product and computer.

iOS, Android Data Capture

Capture lists of products and process Stock Movements directly from the App

The Capture Feature of TRIMSm is designed to build a list of products for processing, such as receiving Goods-in or a Stocktake. Multiple tasks can be created and managed simultaneously and work both online and offline. If your warehouse is absent of WIFI or mobile data then you can still work.

Create a new list, choose a mode from Goods Received, Goods Transfer, Stocktake or Purchasing, scan the items and complete. It is that simple to process stock movements without going near a computer.

iOS, Android Product Lookup

A real-time view of product and inventory

Scan a barcode to instantly access key product information. The product data returned shows stock levels of the item scanned along with any colour and size variants, a location inventory breakdown, location pricing and expected stock deliveries.

iOS, Android Assign Amazon Barcodes

Scan manufacturer EAN / GTIN barcodes for listing on Amazon

For most product categories, when selling on Amazon, sellers are required to use an industry-standard product identifier when creating new pages in the catalogue. These product identifiers are part of a system called GTINs, or Global Trade Item Numbers. If your supplier has provided these in a product file then you can import them directly into TRIMS, if they have not then it can be a tedious task adding them. The TRIMSm Aliases App makes this a simple process. Simply scan a TRIMS barcode followed by the manufacturers barcode and the TRIMS product updates instantly - this barcode is then available for any connected channels.

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