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The TRIMSM Mobile App
By Touchretail

A mobile retail App speeds up day-to-day management of processes like stock control, purchasing, warehousing and provides an overview of how your business is performing right from the palm of your hand.

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A Mobile App for Retailers

An innovative Android and iOS mobile app for retail

Receive Stock, Move Stock, Sell Stock, Analyse Stock, and do this all from the palm of your hand using TRIMSm - a mobile App for retail.

Mobile App Features For Retailers

Feature packed mobile retail management

TRIMSm is full of features saving you time and boosting productivity. As well as working in real-time, TRIMSm stores product data locally so that many of the features work if you have no internet access, such as the stocktaking facility, very useful if you have poor wifi where you are working. Here we list some of the key TRIMSm features...

TRIMSm Capture

  • Capture: Goods Transfers
  • Capture: Goods Received
  • Capture: Stocktakes
  • Capture: Create Product Lists
  • Capture: Create Sales Lists
  • Capture: Create Returns Lists

TRIMSm Inspector

  • Inspector: Product Lookup
  • Inspector: Stock Level Checker
  • Inspector: Price Checker
  • Inspector: Bin Location Management
  • Inspector: Queue And Print Labels

TRIMSm Aliases

  • Aliases: Set Barcodes For Amazon
  • Aliases: Set Manufacturer Barcodes
  • Aliases: Set EAN / GTIN

TRIMSm Store Takings

  • Store Takings: View Store Sales
  • Store Takings: View Store KPIs
  • Store Takings: View Historic Or Live Data
  • Store Takings: View Single Or Ranges Of Stores

TRIMSm Alerts & Messages

  • Alerts: View Subscribed Notifications
  • Messages: View Chat Messages
  • Messages: Respond To Chat Messages
  • Messages: Create Chat Messages

TRIMSm WMS Warehousing (Add-on)

  • WMS: Pick
  • WMS: Putaway
  • WMS: Move
  • WMS: Stocktake
  • WMS: Lookup

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A Mobile App for Checking Stock Levels

A real-time view of product and inventory

Scan a barcode to instantly access key product information. The product data returned shows stock levels of the item scanned along with any colour and size variants, a location inventory breakdown, location pricing and expected stock deliveries.

A Mobile App to Assign Amazon Barcodes

Scan manufacturer EAN / GTIN barcodes for listing on Amazon

For most product categories, when selling on Amazon, sellers are required to use an industry-standard product identifier when creating new pages in the catalogue. These product identifiers are part of a system called GTINs, or Global Trade Item Numbers. If your supplier has provided these in a product file then you can import them directly into TRIMS, if they have not then it can be a tedious task adding them. The TRIMSm Aliases App makes this a simple process. Simply scan a TRIMS barcode followed by the manufacturers barcode and the TRIMS product updates instantly - this barcode is then available for any connected channels.

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