Warehouse Management

Mobile-first Warehouse Management for independent retail businesses


What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system (WMS) helps you organise products in your warehouse so that they can be easily put away when you receive them, and quickly found when you need them.

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Warehouse Management Systems

Map Your Warehouse To Quickly Locate And Pick Items

With TRIMS WMS you gain complete visibility of your warehouse stock. Simple Pick and Put-away processes make it easy to organise your warehouse and quick to find items when you need them.

Made for retailers looking for an efficient way to fulfil web orders or replenish retail stores, it is built directly on the TRIMS retail platform relieving the need of troublesome third party WMS integrations. Yes, that means one platform to manage inventory for your entire retail operation!

Warehouse APP

Get The Mobile-first Warehouse APP For Efficient Warehouse Management

Available on Android and iOS, the TRIMS WMS App makes warehouse Pick and Put-away quick and simple. Adopting a ‘store anything - anywhere’ philosophy, TRIMS WMS is a dynamic warehousing solution, extremely flexible, helping warehouse operators quickly arrange warehouses for peak sale times and adapt to sudden changes - ideal for busy ecommerce sites.

Warehouse Inventory

Accurate Warehouse Inventory For Busy Retail Businesses

Optimise your warehouse by storing items in the most suitable locations for fast sales order fulfillment. Received goods are scanned and stored away by any number of users. Goods transfers and Sales Orders are efficiently picked ready to be dispatched to stores or customers.

Warehouse Omnichannel

Keep Warehouse Stock Synchronised Across All Connected Sales Channels

TRIMS WMS updates all connected Sales Channels in real-time meaning that any stock change in the WMS system, from a sale or an adjustment, will synchronise immediately, dramatically reducing the chance of overselling stock, a situation that can damage your brand through poor customer service. Keep accurate cross-channel synchronised inventory with TRIMS WMS and grow your brand.

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